The reception area is your opportunity to make the best first impression. It’s your opportunity to impress them with your style yet provide them with a sense of comfort and practicality.

If you have to make them wait, at least let them wait in style! With OFC, you can acquire reception furniture that includes the three vital elements of comfort, style and purpose.

OFC is here to provide the perfect solutions for your reception furniture whether you have patients and guests waiting in a doctor’s office or hospital, potential clients waiting for a sales presentation, potential employees waiting for their interview, or students waiting to see the school principle.

Our job at OFC is to help you find the perfect balance between style, comfort and practicality within a budget you can afford.

Waiting Room Seating And Tables

One of the most vital, yet often neglected, elements in reception rooms is comfortable and attractive seating. Your clients or customers may be sitting in your waiting room for extended periods of time, so make sure you provide these individuals with comfortable chairs, chaise lounges, or cozy sofas to make sure that first meeting doesn’t start off on a sour note.

Keep the waiting area clean, professional and functional with tables and shelving and maybe even wifi access.

Reception Desks

The reception desk is the first thing people see when they walk into the office building. The desk should be inviting yet offer ample privacy and storage to the receptionist so she can stay productive without having to get up out of the chair, away from the desk.

Since the receptionist is often bound to the front desk, reception desk and chair need to offer plenty of comfort to maintain a high level of friendly customer service from the start of the day to the end of an extended shift.

Wide Assortment, Styles, Durability

Reception furniture needs to be durable and easy to maintain, easy to store, and easy to move.

OFC offers a wide variety of chaise lounge seating, lounge chairs, club chairs, guest chairs and other heavy duty seating. These chairs can be found in a wide assortment of colors and styles that can easily match the current d├ęcor and style of your office waiting room. These chairs are designed first and foremost with comfort in mind and will delight your clients and customers while they wait in your reception room.


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