Conference Room


Every business should have a professional conference room for staff meetings and pitching sales to clients or customers, and for the occasional office parties and gatherings. Conference rooms should be well equipped for multiple visitors and include comfortable furnishings and adequate work space.

Your conference room should never be crowded or cramped, so design your room’s layout carefully and make good furniture choices with the help of OFC.

Quality is key when choosing conference room furniture. Because it will be the main place where you gather with potential customers, invest a little more on creating the ultimate conference room. A well designed conference room communicates to your customers and employees that you are professional and well put together.

Conference Room Tables

OFC offers many choices when it comes to conference room furniture. This includes wood tables, boat-shaped tables, rectangular tables, training tables and folding tables. There is a table for every occasion and office setting.

If you plan on using your conference room for multiple events, you may want to choose tables that are easy to move and fold to create a larger work space.

Meeting Room Chairs

We offer hundreds of styles of executive seating and executive chairs to match any professional conference room decor. These are larger and more comfortable chairs that work well in conference rooms where people will be sitting for hours on end.

If your conference room will be used for long periods of time you will most certainly want to consider additional comfort features, such as the ability to recline, lower back support, etc.

Credenza And Other Furniture

People often forget about the other integral furniture that make a conference room complete such as the credenza, projector screen, shelving and storage to help keep a conference room looking organized yet functional to keep meetings productive.

When looking for a conference table and chairs, be sure to consider the other elements you’ll need in the conference room.


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