Breakroom Furniture


If you’re in the market for employee break room furniture, OFC has the greatest selection and the best service you will find anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. From multi-purpose tables to stackable seating, we have the furniture to make your break room a place your employees can relax in.

OFC offers that furniture at a great price so you create an environment where your employees feel comfortable, relaxed and valued.

For personalized assistance in selecting the most comfortable break room furniture at the most affordable price, you will see that OFC is the ideal choice for all your lunchroom and break room furniture needs.

Flexible Tables And Chairs

If your break room area is small, collapse-able dining tables and/ or stackable chairs are a good option. Our easy to stack chairs are a great option for keeping a break room uncluttered and are easily moved to allow sweeping and mopping. Just stack the extra chairs to get them out of the way and instantly have a more open environment in the break room, perfect for that quick meeting.

Dining tables are much smaller than multi-purpose tables and are more appropriate for companies with fewer employees. Our quality built dining tables means that you’re sure to find the furniture you need without going anywhere else.

Sofas And Common Areas

The right break room or common area will encourage employees to stay on campus rather than leave the office for lunch. This can be accomplished with comfortable sofas and casual lounge chairs. Giving your employees a place to escape to within the office will encourage them to stay and socialize with fellow employees. Studies have shown that employees that bond on a social level beyond the work that they do reduces the chance the employee will want to change jobs. People want to work with other people they like and can relate to. Giving employees a space where these bonds can be cultivated will improve their ability to work together and likelihood of stay loyal to your company.

Improve Employee Performance

Employee turnover is a huge expense to a business or organization. Employees that feel appreciated are more likely to “stick around”. One way you can let employees know you value their effort is to give them comfortable office furniture such as ergonomic office desks and task chairs and break room furniture that gives employees a variety of ways to escape their work for a time.

From sleep pods and foosball tables to sofas and chairs for reading or just socializing with coworkers. Lunch tables and chairs are obvious, but if the chairs aren’t comfortable or the colors in the space are not relaxing, they won’t be able to perform their best when they return to their desk.


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