Modular Office Furniture

Modular Office Furniture

Modular office furniture is the perfect way to make every inch count in a cramped work space! Workstation cubicles and Panel systems are the perfect accessory to modern design; a cost-effective solution, perfect for large companies that need furniture for their numerous employees. In fact, modular furniture is the most sold and sought after form of office equipment currently purchased by both large and small businesses throughout the world. If you are looking for furniture for your limited office space, OFC has a huge selection to choose from.

Modular, Panels, and Cubicles, OH MY!

Don't know the difference between modular systems and panel systems? You're not alone.

Modular systems offer amazing flexibility. Each piece is a stand-alone furniture solution which can be combined with another modular unit to create a custom work environment that best fits each employee's work flow. Pieces can be mixed, matched, and moved easily to create endless office configurations. Although modular sounds ideal, it's usually more costly than a panel system, and does not always offer a solution to a common problem in a large work space: POWER. Panel systems offer the capability of gaining power in places where power is usually unavailable. Power is channeled through an aesthetically appealing power pole often fed from the ceiling, and can serve full power to up to four offices from one power pole.

What About Cubicles?

You may be more familiar with the term, "cubicle", which is basically an old term for the new "panel system" terminology. Cubicles have progressed into much more than the traditional gray wall systems you're probably used to seeing. Today's panel system configurations offer half-panels, three-quarter panels, panels with windows, desk-mounted panels to serve as a separator or productivity wall with modular furniture, and more.

Save Money, Maximize Space, Keep it Professional

At OFC, we realize that the majority of companies who employ hundreds - or even dozens -  of workers simply can't afford to create a separate work space for each of their employees. With this in mind, OFC offers modular office cubicles as well as office partitions and panel systems in different dimensions, which can be installed in buildings of all shapes and sizes. These office partitions are a great way to give each of your office workers the feeling of having their own office despite the limitations of space. The modular office cubicles that we offer can be found in an assortment of sizes, styles and colors to match the look and feel of any office.

Improve Team Collaboration without Forfeiting Privacy

Space Saving Modular Systems Give your employees the level of privacy they need to do their job, and the level of accessibility they need to be able to communicate with each other. With the right configuration of modular and panel systems you can achieve the ultimate level of privacy without forfeiting the ability for your teams to collaborate with each other to deliver projects efficiently. Our knowledgeable office furniture specialists will walk you through the innovative options available in today’s modular and panel systems to help you build a productive work environment for your office.

You Don't Need a Bigger Building

OFC provides space saving solutions for companies who need to make the most of their square footage. Sometimes growing to a larger facility isn't a feasible option. Modular office furniture offers the best solution for cramped spaces or small budgets. However, it still provides a professional look and feel that allows your company to maintain the image that you desire.

Aside from modular office furniture being great for small and large businesses, this furniture also fits well in home offices. Additionally, modular office furniture and modular office cubicles are much more affordable than typical desks and office equipment. OFC’s modular office cubicles save money, have a modern look, and are equally great for children due to their sturdy and easy to clean build.

Drop by our OFC showroom and check out the various styles, makes, and models of modular office equipment we have to offer.

Give Employees What They Want, What Your Wallet Needs...

If you are looking for a functional and affordable way to design your office and offer your employees their own private work area, then you really should consider buying your modular office furniture from OFC. You will save money while providing your employees a professional, semi-private work environment they can feel good about.